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Database updating (DB) is a service that provides verification or confirmation of the actuality of available information.

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The update also implies the possibility of obtaining additional information about partners, customers and competitors. The importance of this service is due to the fact that any database becomes obsolete over time and ceases to be useful. In order not to lose contact with customers and partners, it is necessary to regularly check the actualityof their contact information.

The need for actualization of information

Updating databases is most often done to recovery or communication tests with existingpartners. Many organizations often change their phone numbers, addresses and even e-mail. There is also the possibility of personnel changes, changes in the scope of work, reduction of staff, etc. That’s why any database needs to be monitored and periodically updated.

Having understood what the actualization of the database is, it is worth to say that the need for this service can be determined by the desire to follow up the degree of interest of counterparties in the customer’s products. In addition, the customer should be interested in deleting from the list of partners those who have lost the need for his services.

Updating the client database can be used to verify:

Using this service, the client will receive an updated and actual database in a convenient format.

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Who is re-checking?

The retesting of the relevance of the information is carried out by specially trained operators of the call-center, who call all counterparties, create an up-to-date list of contacts and a reminder about the customer of the service. Using this call-center service, the customer can count on:

  • updating information on counterparties;
  • updated DB in a format comfortable for analysis and perception;
  • formation of a positive image of the company and its products.

Depending on the requirements of the customer, the specialists of the call-center update such information as addresses and telephone numbers of contractors, availability of customer products, as well as contact details of the persons responsible for making key decisions.


Updating the client database provides several advantages. First, the professionalism ofcall-center operators allows reducing the dial-up time to a minimum. Due to their experience, they can get all the necessary information within 1-2 minutes.

Secondly, the customer can save considerable time for his employees. Thanks to this, they will be able to do direct responsibilities. Thirdly, this service guarantees complete confidentiality of the customer. The received information is not disclosed and isn’t transferred to third parties. This guarantee is recorded by signing a confidentiality agreemen.

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