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Calling customers after buying allows you to find out their opinion and impressions of the service, product, company, hear the wishes and solve any unpleasant moments.

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Telephone interviews help to improve the company’s services for consumers, increasing their attractiveness, reliability and expediency in their eyes, thereby increasing the inflow of new customers and increasing their own profits.

In today’s research market, new and innovative methods of data collection take advantage of the Internet and e-mail to cover more samples, collect more information and get more efficient return.

However, telephone interviews are certainly still the most important part of the mix. In fact, instead of going into the trash can of history (along with disk phones), a phone interview for marketing research is becoming more and more advanced in the era of mobile technology.

Advantages of telephone interview of consumers

Questionnaire by phone has such undeniable advantages:

  • May lead to a relatively high frequency of responses in specific markets.
  • The survey takes a little time.
  • Can be used to obtain samples over a wide geographical area.
  • Practically everyone has a stationary or mobile phone that helps to get a representative sample of your audience.
  • Economical in use for informing and influencing business-solutions of much greater comparative value.
  • More control over targeting specific types of samples compared to other methods(for example, public surveys).
  • More personal, and when interviewers and questionnaires are conducted by experienced interviewers, this improves the company’s image (i.e., experience can leave a positive impression on current and potential customers, which ultimately leads to sales, referrals and recommendations).
  • Provided that the questions are correctly formulated and the interview is professionally administered, the quality of the generated data can be high compared to other methods.

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Knowing the advantages of conducting a questionnaire by phone, almost everything, actually. We have to find specialists who can professionally formulate questions, build an approximate conversation script and conduct a qualitative and useful conversation with consumers.

«Leads For Success» company specializes in telephone interviews. We offer a lot of advantages to our clients, which we will talk about under.

Why us?

Every person, who knows the value of money, will ask himself why he should pay to people, if he can make a poll of consumers by himself or entrust this case to his subordinates. Yes, you can do that. But if you don’t want to waste your time and the time of your employees, but want to get real benefits and useful information coming from customers – contact the specialists of our company for help.

When working with us the clients automatically get such advantages:

  • Rapid assessment of the current situation on the market.
  • Ability to simultaneously serve some projects at once. We have a large staff of employees – professionals in the field of interviews.
  • The availability of modern communication systems and programs, which allows you to reach more users.
  • Each project is realized as quickly as possible, but without harm to quality and relevance.
  • Cover the audience of the necessary geographical area.
  • We conduct the questionnaire politely and carefuly, so your clients would have the most positive impressions about your company.
  • Profitability of cooperation. The services of the call center operator will be much cheaper than the hours of your employees.
  • You will receive accurate reports generated automatically. This minimizes errors due to the human factor, which means that the received data will be as relevant as possible.

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