SEO — not an additional waste, but a good investment!

SEO advancement (site promotion) – comprehensive measures that output the resource on the first place in the search results of Google or Yandex.

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Today, SEO – one of the most essential Internet marketing service.

If you analyze the behavior of users on the Internet, you can see that people tend to click on the first links that the search engine will offer them. For this reason, website owners try to take the most profitable places.

Site promotion (SEO) – perspective and long-term service. The first results after site optimization are noticeable just after 3-4 months of work. But after the specialist conducts a technical audit, eliminates errors in the work of the resource, cleans the code, and also, introduces the semantic core and increases the reference profile, improves the visibility of the site in the search engines. And more chance that users will be more often go to the requests of the subjects of your site.

The aims you will achieve by ordering website promotion (SEO):

  • Increase in organic traffic
  • Increase certain brand recognition on the Internet
  • Increase in conversion (the more people visit your site, the higher a chance of targeted action)
  • Increase the reference profile
  • Elimination of technical errors in the code

Undeniable fact! Today, it is it is much more profitable to order SEO services than the banner advertising. If you ordered the banner, you would spent the same money as for promotion in the search engines. But! The site on the first positions will be seen by people from different cities, and the banner – probably local residents and visitors. Definitely the audience of the Internet is much more.

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Features of user behavior in the network

According to GFK statistics in Ukraine and Russia, the number of Internet users is 61%. Of these, 25% make online purchases on a regular basis, and 35% do it once a year.

Other words, if you have your own website, it is extremely irrational don’t use professional website promotion in search engines. You know, people are already actively shopping online. And every next year we will observe how the number of online buyers increases. But in the near future we will notice an even greater flow towards the Internet. This is largely owing to the trend – mobile. Therefore, be sure to adapt the sites for different devices.

Among the most popular niches, where search engine optimization of websites is most effective are:

  • Internet shops of household appliances
  • Online cosmetics shops

Commercial websites of companies – have a special place. If you need to raisebrand recognition and attract new customers and investors – the best option is to order immediately a set of SMM services and SEO services.

Why will it be profitable and comfortable to work with us?

If you want to promote the site and look for a competent contractor, who able to achieve your goals (KPI), we are on the same road with you!

Our principles:

  • We aim not only on increasing traffic, but also on conversion, which is more profitable for you
  • We help draw up the right sales funnel
  • We develop individual promotion strategies for each of the business areas, having previously made the expertise of the niche
  • We provide detailed reports on the work done
  • A personal specialist is provided for each client in order to respond in time to all emerging questions and help as necessary
  • One of our specialists carry on no more than 5 projects – this means that quality is more important than quantity for us!

More information about the service you can find by talking to our manager. Call or leave a request on the site!

Our company can offer you a set of services for website promotion: marketing in social networks, contextual advertising, marketing research.