Outbound telemarketing

Effective promotion or sale of goods and services through outgoing calls from the operator to the client. All leading companies aiming at high results and increasing profits use this service.

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Outbound telemarketing or outgoing calls — hard and multilevel telemarketing method, the functioning of which depends on the professionalism and experience of the specialist. The reason is, that the call can be built on two bases: “Cold” – are new customers unfamiliar with the company whose services they offer; and “warm” -regular or just loyal to the company clients.

The phone is the most important tool for business development and research. Thanks to it, you can get relevant data about the situation on the market, study customer requests and use the information obtained for your own purposes. However, the main advantage of the phone in business is the possibility of realizing with its help goods and services. This fact has given way to the development of telemarketing – professional sales by phone.

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Having ordered outsource cold calls – You will essentially reduce your time and money for the costs connected with recruiting staff and training it. We have an experienced team and good experience in working with cold calls.

Outbound telemarketing included

Search for new potential customers and phone sales.

Cold calls

Helping to sharply increase sales, expand the range of customers, quickly unwind the business, which is just beginning to “get on its feet”.

Lead Generation

The formation of the target clientele.

Marketing research

The most detailed, all-encompassing study of clients.

Reactivation of the databases

This service is aimed at analyzing the old customer database, updating it regularly, cleaning up irrelevant contacts.


Conducting a qualitative presentation of goods and services of your company, other important information to the widest possible range of clients, potential clients.

Work with accounts receivable

The purpose of this service is to call debtors of your company. Operators will find out the cause of the debt, provide the client with all the necessary information, make a report.

Surveying and questioning

Surveys and questionnaires provide an opportunity to collect information about customers, which in the future can influence your marketing strategy, help you find out whether customers are loyal to your company.


The purpose of this service is to interest the client in a meeting with the manager for the presentation of goods, services, signing a contract, selling.

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The cold call is always harder to operator. Such call represents the first contact with potential client, through which, the company learns data about the contact person, reveals the degree of his interest and produces a primary presentation of goods and services. For this reason, outsourcing of cold calls is important to entrust to a qualified operator who is a master in talking techniques and is able to build confidential relationships with his client. You can order a cold call in our company.

The warm calls to clients is also important part of doing business. To consolidate relations with permanent and loyal to the company clients is difficult enough in the conditions of great competition in the market, therefore telemarketing services in this area are extremely important. The operator shouldn’t only be able to offer products to the company, but also find out whether the customer is satisfied with the previous cooperation.

An important stage of telemarketing is the maintenance of the customer base for calling. This is useful for compiling statistical materials on the results of work that will be used to develop strategies for further development. Thus, warm and cold calls, which can be ordered from our specialists, open new horizons for business in any field.

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