Buying the contact database of trust companies

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Making the contact database of trust companies

It is labour intensive process of making the contact database of trust companies. It takes a lot of time and expenses. At first, there is needed experienced staff for searching the information. Secondly, in a perfect situation, it is also needed to have a call-center for making the cold calls to new customers. If you don’t know any useful details, you will spend a lot of time. In this situation, money, which you put up in salary for staff, office rent and bought equipment, cannot return. Our company provides selling such contact databases, supplies its’ relevancy and update it for a long time. The total contracts’ database of many organizations in different spheres counts more than one billion contacts. We are one of the best organizations on the market of selling contact databases.Order our contact databases and be a step ahead your competitors for many years. Let yourselves be a leader in your business.

Trust companies

Trust companies are companies-administrators. Stated differently, the organizations, which manage the active assets on behalf of another representative establishment or body and relegate these active assets to the future general organization. Companies, which take on management proprietary, that is trusted to them, get some part from management the interest inelastic savings. It is very difficult to underline the conscientious firm in this segment. Even if you buy the contact database of trust companies, you should make some mail merging for getting the recommendations and forming the imagination of enterprise.

Main perquisites of trust companies are:

  • Trust companies can save the material possessions of civil law or criminal ministerial recoverable, which was given to them, under the conditions stated above the correct planning.
  • Trust of the IMF can solve the problem of developing the legal algorithm of controlling under the savings under the conditions stated above the total confidentiality.
  • “Trust” resources have a local tax remission almost at all court competences.
  • The active assets of the company are relegated to competent resources for professional management to increase the level of effective strength and not to relegate the contact databases to other parties.
  • There is a more flexible system of providing the confidentiality, which allows to save the control under the savings, in trust resources.

Kinds of trust


According to the definition, it is allowed to administer to manage the appropriation’s active assets, according to his opinion, and personally make a decision on when, who of beneficiary and what part of paying facilities gets from Trust foundation. Such decisions confine oneself to the help of Letter of wishes from one of the charter members of the foundation. The suggestions about using the finances are on the table with the manager.


It is the mirror image of discretionary trust. Fixed trust immediately defines the distinct tenures of manager of resources and databases. It also needs the detailed working out the nuance.


This type of trust provides general submission to the control of material possessions and also reserve the right to call-back the property from the foundation by one of the charter members of the trust foundation.


According to conditions of revocable trust, the charter member has not any authority to abrogate a contract and return all his property, which was transferred to the foundation. This condition is one of the basic and used for saving the active assets and databases from the challenges of creditors.


There exists the definition of ‘international trust’ in some court competences for setting the different fiscal stages for foundations. The trusted property “MT” can have a tax remission of in offshore centers. The agreement duration period of “MT” adjudge nearly contracting parties. It is not even necessary to register the Trust in some court competences.


This kind of trust is carried into effect only under the division of property, which was inherited at the discretion of the charter member. All of the property goes to enterprise from the moment of the death. It will be disposed by directions of the charter member.


In this situation, the relegation is provided, when the charter member is alive. One of the advantages of this kind of contract is the minimal risks under the relegation of active assets to trust. But there exists the risk of misuse of authority, such as using the firms’ databases, wheeler-dealer finance with facilities of enterprises, etc. Sometimes, this method is used for additory control under the actions of fund manager. In the ensuing time the fund manager will not be able to accomplish the operations with property personally. He will be able to do it only after the approval.


Database of trust companies

Under the conditions stated above the great holdings or vertically-integrated companies with billionaire volume are willingly ready to pump into the authorial organizations. After buying the database of trust resources in terms of the name list of sales managers of firms or funds, according to your sphere of action, you should send a suggestion to managers of active assets (it is not necessary if it is non-liquid asset, real estate asset or intellectual assets). As usual, such enterprises give good recommendations about management and development of business.

The services of legal firms, outsourcing companies, contract acceptors are used very often from project to project.

The incomings of such organization depend on the total asset turnover, which is controlled by this firm. Its award is the percent of the profit of enterprise, which trusts the active assets to manage.

When you buy the contact database, you immediately increase your facilities up to 10 times. If you have the correct lead-up, you can corner the market. Using the bought database, you increase the quantity of leads and the incomings of your enterprise.