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Market research of the market allows us to put into exploitation new schemes for attracting customers. However, an important criterion is how these techniques are being put into practice. To analyze the activities of its own employees, you can use the «Secret customer» from LFS.

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What is the “Mystery Caller ” from the Call Center?

The ” Mystery Caller ” service is an opportunity to look at your own company through the eyes of a consumer. Checking from the call center is suitable for companies that:

  • are online stores;
  • have a hotline or technical support service;
  • installed the phone in specific offices.

Our operators will call the agreed numbers as common citizens. To obtain accurate data, we make not one call, but several dozen. In this case, each of them follows a preformed scenario. Each call will be analyzed and included in the final report. Based on our analysis, the quality of service is already improved at the sales points or in the customer service departments. This will have a positive impact on the development of any organization.

What does the check reveal?

At the first stage of cooperation we make up a scenario of conversation. Upon request from the customer, several communication schemes can be used for the Mystery Caller service, which will allow us to evaluate the quality of service for potential customers of different categories:

  • knowledge of all company products;
  • stress tolerance;
  • politeness;
  • maximum full information about current shares and discounts;
  • availability of an appeal for purchase.

If you order the “Mystery Caller” service, the analysis of the telephone line by itself will be an additional bonus. We will compile an additional report, which will include the average time of connection with the employee, the duration of the call, as well as other technical parameters of the calls.

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Why should you contact us?

Our company has several offices in different cities. Each call center has a large numberof operators, which will make the necessary number of calls in the shortest possible time. In addition, it allows you to maintain maximally the incognito of the check, because different people will be calling.

Monitoring the work of our operators comply with scriptwriter of the project and the line manager of the department. We can guarantee that no call will be made in vain. Despite the availability of a call scheme, the conversation will look as natural as possible.

The quality assessment of service is billed only on the basis of our work. Every call made from our call center will be recorded. Archives of calls will be provided to the customer on request. If there are serious shortcomings in the work of front-office staff, the records of conversations will be provided until the project of cooperation is fully completed. One of the advantages of working with our call center is the price. The final cost of the project will be announced after discussion of the main nuances. It will affect the number of ringing, based on which, the analysis will be compiled. “Mystery caller” service is an investment, as a result you will be able to improve the quality of service over the phone, and therefore increase the number of users.

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