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Cooperation steps

Exploring your business. Formation of strategy. Signing of the treaty. Payment.

Our team of specialists is working on your project.

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Who works on your project?


Screenwriter – our experts will make a professional scenario of telephone conversation. We have wide experience in script writing, by the help of it, operator will be able to present your product and kindle end customer interest, even without having experience of sales.

Call-center manager

Call-center manager – this is the most important part of our team, skilled telemarketing specialist, who have experience of cold sales in various segments of business. They are able to make 1000 per day and achieve a result.

Base specialist

Base specialist – narrow spectrum’s specialists, which are dealing with search and forming relevant databases of the target audience. Bases are formed exclusively for use as a scope statement our partners and customers.

Project Manager

Project-manager – engagement manager and your right-hand man during all work with us. In other words, the project coordinator is occupied with selection managers for the project, approvals for base and scenario, compositions and dispatch reports, as well, joint adjustment of work for all operating time with you.


Business-coach – before becoming the sales manager or start a new project, applicants surely take a training course. This is the main task of our specialist.

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Lead Generation

All business is directly connected with a clientele, that is ready to purchase a product, which is coming out of manufacturers work. Lead Generation – integral part of commodity and industrial relations in case of which, accomplishment of production wears depends on clients need. In actual fact this is mean forming target audience for this particular business. The client, who is interested in the product realized by you and ready to purchase it, called ‘lead’. You dispose contacts of this person, owing to which, you are able to suggest newly-designed product of your business easier.

It is general practice, leads are divided into three categorical concepts:


  1. People, whose dates are in your base, but they are not required in your wares yet, are called ‘cold clients’. They will be your clients, if you can get them interested.
  2. «Warm» leads are willing to buying this commodity, which is made by you, at the same time they know about your business through different kinds of advertisement. Kindle them interest is easier, when you find the right approach and choose a correct partnership system.
  3. Your target audience, which is ready to purchase exceptionally your product – called «hot» clientele. It is your main partners and consumers, on which you should do a basic rate for business expansion.

How to work with clients:

Methods of information action on a clientele differ technically, but all of them supplement each other and allow to create in a complex group of leads for realization business projects.

3 methods of search clients are spread:

  • Telephone call-downs;
  • Personal business engagements;
  • Business arrangement.

Telephone call-downs – extremely effective method for landing clients, but it takes up a lot of time. Direct mailing supposes work with advertising medium in electronic format, the same way as hyperlinks on thematic content, reviews and video commercials. Presence a contact information of a clientele gives the possibility to realize telemarketing method, in case of which you can interest a partner in new revenue receipts by means of a telephone call. At length, personal meeting with a client can be the most effective. At this meeting you could answer all questions and discuss mutually advantageous options of business.

What else you have to know about leads?

Lead Generation

The main task of lead generation is fusing competitive marketing strategy and concentrating them on each separate leaf. The well-directed and personalized will be your advertisement, the bigger result you will achieve. Lead generation is perfectly for network sales on the Internet. To find prospective clients and their data will be more easily, if you use virtual space monitoring. Generation of leads must be realized in case of interest in the quality of your product. What you should do, if you have not got a contact list of potential buyers? The most elementary and effective way to achieve customer – applies to specialists and buy a ready client base. So, what’s for spends time for search and work with information, if it is already cut and dried, by doing so the price for client base is highly moderate.

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