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Integrated Internet marketing – it is a full cycle of work with the site, which help to promote business on the Internet and achieve the desired KPI indicators.

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Our first priority – to provide the most qualitative assistance in the promotion of your business. For this we use such directions of Internet marketing as:

Don’t settle for first positions, you need real sales!

Many people sure that the first positions in the search results – the guarantor of big sales. In fact, this is not the case.If the site doesn’t help the user to find a decision of his problem, the person goes to the competitors: where he is offers the optimal solution.That’s why it’s important not just to get into the top of the search results, but also create a comfortable website, after visiting that, the user will want to visit it again and make a purchase.

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Internet marketing service: features and advantages for Your business

  • Because of system work with the site, it is possible to create not only behavioral factors, but also form the trust of Internet users to your company (brand)
  • A competently built sales funnel allows you to increase the number of customers, and asa result, sales
  • Internet marketing services due to the complementation of different traffic channels in practice are more efficient than each marketing service individually
  • SEO, SMM, Email marketing and contextual advertising in aggregate increase brand recognition by 100% +

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Features of the service in our company

  1. The start of cooperation – expert examination of the niche and technical audit of the site
    To achieve necessary aims, you need to analyze the competitive sphere and understand what in a niche the consumer may lack. After we have found the need of potential buyers, it is important to correctly «pack» it and bring to potential customers. As well, in the very beginning of our cooperation, we are providing technical audit, which allows identify errors in the work of the site. Eliminating them, it is often possible to increase the visibility of the resource in the eyes of search engines.
  2. Creation of maximally wide semantic core and development of unique content
    We carefully study the structure of the site, selecting relevant pages for search queries. After the text content with the keywords will be written, we place it on the site. By drivingthese words into the search engine’s bar, users will be able to find your site in the first positions of search engines. We do a competent re-linking, throughout the structure of the site.It will serve not only for a comfortable transition of users, but also an additional incentive to view as many pages as possible.
  3. After the usability of the site has been brought to perfection, we proceed to external content marketing and SMM. We will be honest., it is impossible to applythe same strategy in all areas of business.For each niche it is necessary to work out a unique algorithm of promotion in social networks and the media.

It is important to follow the two golden rules:

  • Publish articles in the media and select platform where there’s a target audience;
  • By introducing SMM, we place emphasis on quality and original content!

If you want to order Internet marketing services (Russia, Ukraine) and find a competent contractor, please do not hesitate to contact us. We don’t promise it would be easy, but we guarantee to take all the difficulties on ourselves!