Implementation of mass mailings on Viber, e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS

To improve the sales of your product or services, the customer can contact the company that provides Viber, e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS notifications and various advertising services.

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Targeted mailings usually take into account a lot of nuances and lead customers of a certain age, income level, who are interested in this topic.

What else does the company consider when choosing customers:

  • Gender and age;
  • City of residence and level of income;
  • Interests, profession;
  • Marital status, possession of a driver’s licence.

Why narrowly directional dispatch is profitable?

Of course, the clients’s last name, first name, patronymic will also appear in the database, so the customer can just send ads using instant messengers, and get into hispossession a database of customers who are ready to buy these products or services.This is very profitable information, since it is narrowly focused, experts isolate users among millions of potential customers and are oriented at their place of residence or work.In other words, if the client has an automobile business, then identifies a circle of clients of this district of Moscow with an income at least 100 thousand rubles and havinga car. The newsletter contains text or a picture, it can contain text and a picture, depending on the messenger and the customer’s wishes.

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The advantages of mailing with Viber and WhatsApp

You can send these messages to customers who have agreed to the newsletter. There are several options for sending messages: advertising, service and transactional. The advertising message would cost twice as much as that. The cost of sending messages Viber an average of 60 kopecks, WhatsApp – 70 kopecks. The specialist conducts an audit, identifies the user base and transfers the database to the advertising department, which decides with the client what kind of advertising he has to send and what messenger he has to use.

Еmail Marketing: the advantages of mailing

  • opportunity to get to know from whom the message came;
  • If necessary, you can enter into a dialogue. The modern information channel is popular with most users of cities;
  • send up to 1000 characters of text, pictures and clickable buttons. Multimedia message format;
  • the customer receives a verified account;
  • better off the faceless SMS;
  • statistics were compiled.

The programmers of the company can configure this function. You can offer the client sign up to receive by himself in certain messengers, this will allow him to participate in shares and drawings. Receive prizes and gifts. In this case, the attitude of customers will be more loyal.

SMS and email dispatches, what are the benefits?

If you want, you can sing up the SMS dispatch. Its cost will depend on the services of the operator and will fluctuate from 16 to 36 kopecks per SMS. This channel can replace Viber and WhatsApp, but the information is sent only as text. This allows you toattract users who do not use modern instant messengers, but have a cell phone.

The simplest and most effective way is sending out promotional letters to email. This allows us to cover not only the personal contact data of users, but also to find new clients and partners. Mailing letters by e-mail and SMS are leading in the mailing list, people are more loyal to them and often sing up them by themselves.

Qualified specialists will render services for sending advertisements from any messengers, using SMS and email marketing.

In addition to implementing mass mailings, our company can offer other types of services for your business: site promotion, SMM, advertising in search engines.

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