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In our time, for maintaining of goods and services it has become very convenient and popular to use the service of organizing – a hotline.

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Hotline — very effective procedure leads to direct contact of the company and its direct consumer, after all, if an organization uses a hot line, it becomes a direct consultant for its customers.

Spheres of use and advantages of a hotline

The helpline helps to develop such lines of business as:

  1. Banks and credit organizations;
  2. Mobile operators;
  3. Online stores.

To provide work of the hotline, you should just to contact our company and choose a phone number where new customers will call, and then create a movement scenario in information or promotional materials. It is necessary for the client to remember it, dial this number and start inquiring about goods or services, to receive answers to questions which he interested in. All incoming calls will be recorded

The main idea of the helpline is to collect all the treatment in one place, so that any person who calls the helpline, has become your client. Having set up a helpline with us,you will get the following benefits:

  1. Create an easily accessible number (not necessarily number 8-800), and all other numbers become internal.
  2. A single phone 8-800 is free for anyone calling on it. However, the traffic is not free of charge, but the owner of the number pays all calls. Tariffs can be checked with ourmanagers.

  3. You can increase the recognition of your company by phone numbe.
  4. People will receive the necessary information without leaving home and become your clients.
  5. You can increase sales by creating certain conversation scenarios with customers.

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Hotline service

The main task of the hotline is to answer the questions of interest, create demand and help in choosing. This service will help you set up an alert for customers on special promotions and promote sales.

The hot line can cover at once a certain number of regions, which allows you to advertise the telephone number on TV channels, for example, quite large companies of our country already use a single number that starts at 8-800. In addition, our number operates on the territory of Ukraine and the Czech Republic. The customer who called the hotline does not bear any expenses.

This option is the necessary tool to support customers and promotions, increase consumer loyalty to the brand and to the company, to the product or service presented for realization. Creating your own hotline is, above all, the organization of a business process aimed at serving customers and counterparties. Very soon such a policy translates into a reduction in the costs of labor and communication.

A 24 hour hotline

Receiving calls depends on what you are organizing a hotline for, here it will be decidedhow they will pass: you may choose the option around the clock, or periodically, or maybe fixed. Everything will depend on the characteristics of the organization.

For example, let’s take any Internet provider, of course, such companies choose to be connected 24 hours a day and use such a permanent telephone support. In the budget organizations it will be enough to provide a hotline in the daytime.

Since you decide the way of receiving customer calls by yourself, we answer the calls around the clock, our employees answer questions competently on the entire list of goods or services. Our hotline services ensure the absence of missed calls, quickly solve all the problems and shortcomings posed by customers, and clarify the arisen contentious situations.

Organization of hotline work

First of all, the organization of the hotline requires the creation of a telephone number that is simple and you’d remember it. We can point you on the tariffing of the conversation, at the cost of the subscription fee, what discounts are valid at the momentduring the connection. Then you can weigh all the proposed options and take a deliberate decision to choose a specific option.

We customize the lines and, most importantly, we will immediately select competent specialists who respond professionally and promptly to every call, and above all, carefully!

Also you will need a voice greeting, which the client hears when he calls on the hotline. If you want to create your greeting, then any recording studio carries out such types of services. Or we will do it for you.

When using our hotline services, a number of related tasks will be solved. And you don’t struggle with such problems as: the provision of hospital, vacations, taxes, the search for additional premises. Today you applied for the creation of a hotline, a week later she already works for you.

Certainly, when applying and organizing a hotline, we will ensure your business successand development, as we guarantee for a bona fide organization and an individual approach in this matter.

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