Studying at the Export Academy Germany

Export Academy Export-Akademie Baden Wrttemberg – guaranteed source of knowledge and support for countries and companies that want to have qualified employees in their command. A clear vision about strategy achieving aims and understanding perspective directions for further development.

Export Academy Germany: short story about creating and working

It was founded more than 35 years ago. The main task — provide the necessary support to adapt foreign business in the German market for increasing influx of investments to the country. Academy emergence, as such, became possible because of Baden-Württemberg government supporting, which managed to see certain tendencies for changes all over the world and responded to them. These aspects are topical at the moment.

Nowadays, Academies work has expanded significantly, that include a bunch of business communities in Europe, Asia, USA and Australia. The Academy has been able to establish itself as expert in various areas in the CIS countries, East Europe, India, China and others for more than 20 years. This Academy consider one of the best unions on internships and training of senior level management, managers, civil servants and specialists.

Export Akademie Activity

Export Academy Germany providing different services both advisory and practical character:

  • For companiesFor companies that want to work on European markets, analytical work on the selection of strategies, European partners and examination of foreign companies work is providing;
  • BenchmarkingBenchmarking researches on goods and services market, benchmarking;
  • CooperationCooperation, looking for cooperation on clear defined parameters;
  • Attendance to eventsAttendance to events, real and virtual visiting exhibitions and fairs;
  • Development of the enterpriseDevelopment of the enterprise, development of the enterprise from the ground up and purchase of existing;
  • Professional development activitiesProfessional development activities in the field of education: further training courses, academic, МВА and their mini programs, specialized modules with certification;
  • ConsultationConsultation, consulting on the basic rules in the sphere of European business;
  • Production and meetingProduction and meeting management on Germany enterprises to acquire new economic relations, exchanges of experience, discussion in the field of production and management;
  • TrainingsTrainings, business trips, profile trainings;
  • LogisticsLogistics, questions of modernization;
  • MatchmakingMatchmaking. Search for partners, who want to be represented in the customer’s market;
  • Innovative productsInnovative products. Creation and implementation of innovative products.
  • Structure of the Export-Academy Baden Wrttemberg

    Export Academy Baden Wrttemberg – this is specific cornerstone. All consortium including Institute of Education based on Steinbeis Berlin, consulting and engineering companies, exploratory center that are specialized in renewable resources, subunit to innovate

    During program and idea realization, Academy attracts practitioners, which work at various fields of activity enterprises and head successful companies in Germany.

    As third-party partners, chambers of commerce and industry, business support funds, municipal organs to promote the business of many countries in Europe are taking part in Academies work.

    Аdvantages of working with Export-Academy

    Cooperation with Export Akademie will help company at all stages of formation and development. It will provide individual development of training programs and the sending of experts, essentially economize funds for training and improving the knowledge of managers, increase competitiveness of company on market.