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Forex brokers are companies, which provide intermediary services of trade between private individuals and high-volume financial institutions on international financial market. The private individuals do not have other variants except applying to such organizations for trading.

Forex brokers have the incomings based on spreads (are well known as the discrepancy between buying and selling. For example, it is like the processes in currency exchange, when the discrepancy between bid quotations and selling rate goes to the currency exchange station. As the same, the broker takes a percent for the work.

Database of forex brokersThe broker’s incomings are about 1 000 000 – 10 000 000$ per year at the currency market. In this situation, the capital positions of holding assets may be enormously bigger for ability to provide the level of leverage and taking part in auctions for customers.

Such organizations need the cooperation with financial organizations, banks, dealing services, IT companies. Except all, the broker provides the complex of technical services and the area for working on the market and guarantee the full upholding.

After buying the database of contacts firstly, you should analyze the market offer for increasing of your selling.