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The main task of crowd-marketing – influence on public opinion by posting comments on the areas where the target audience of the company is concentrated.

The main points of interaction with TA (target audience):

  • Thematic websites and ads on forums
  • Comments under the content projects
  • Comments in social networks

Crowd marketing services help to achieve the following aims:

  1. Increase brand recognition
    Constantly noticing on the sites’ pages the name of the brand or products, people will better remember and recommend it to friends and acquaintances. When deciding on the need for such services as crowd-marketing, you can order it in our company, you can be sure that we will work only with those web-resources where your target audience is focused. For the selection of sites, we carry out complex marketing expertise, and then we introduce a unique promotion strategy.
  2. Forming loyal relationships with potential clients.
    Promotion on the forums provides better understanding the main problems of customers. Certainly, you know that the most successful marketing strategy is always the one that shows how to solve these or other business problems. Showing your company as an expert in the required field, you will receive new customers from third-party areas.
  3. Improving the website’s link profile.
    In this area, the promotion of crowd links is not enough to buy. In order for people to form the right opinion, it is also necessary to write reviews.

The link to the site and the review are posted on thematic forums, so they darw the attention of users and targeted traffic to the site. In most cases, use is made of unauthorized links, so no one will ban your site or lower in organic search engines.

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Who needs crowd-marketing services?

To promote the company in a small city, it is enough to leave feedback on the most readable forum. You can’t call it full-time croud-marketing as there is no possibility for the development of a full-fledged promotion campaign.

But the promotion of the site links will be an effective measure for little-known companies located in major cities. If we talk about types of business, then the most demanded service among:

  1. Online stores
  2. Online services
  3. Content projects of large companies and start-ups
  4. Media agencies

Why you should choose us?

If you are interested in crowd -marketing, the price of the service in our company will pleasantly surprise you. We will propose the most suitable package taking into account the amount of work to be done.

  1. Develop a strategy for each individual project and select relevant sites for placing reviews
  2. We pump accounts, or we use existing ones
  3. Carefully select the topics on the forums
  4. We leave the references in the company mention as realistic as possible

If you need to post links on the forums and if you need to improve the reputation of the brand on the network or increase its recognition, please contact us. We will help to solve these business problems by means of crowd – marketing!

Our company is ready to offer for you the following services: integrated Internet marketing, promotion in search engines, smm.

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