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Contextual advertising services are popular in all business areas where it’s important to constantly increase the percentage of conversion.

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Features of contextual advertising: advantages and cost of services

Whether your business is developing in B2B or B2C market models, the context can more efficient than SEO or SMO by several times. This is due to the fact that in the organic issuance of search engines or on the pages of Google’s partner web sites (when it comes to the contextual display advertising), only those ads that match the search queries of users are displayed. In other words, if a person drives a request to “vertical window blinds” in the browser line, then in the results of the issuance he can see the suggestions relevant to his request.

Setting upand maintaining contextual advertiing

In such cases, there is a chance that the user will go to your site. Another undoubted advantage of the context is the open budget. In other words, advertisers can only pay for clicks (following the links) from potential clients, not for placement of advertising information and the duration of the demonstration.

The cost of the service

The cost of clicks depends on how popular is the benchmark requests placed in the textad. The average price range: from a few cents to tens of money.

In general, contextualadvertising (the price of a service may still depend on the placement of an advertisement in the interface of organic issuance) makes it possible to start with any budget level. The first announcements can be put into operation two days after the creation of advertising campaigns, subject to the successful passage of moderation.

The most often the ad is placed at the top of the page, directly above the first in the search for snippets. Jumping ahead, we note, this is the most profitable position in terms of sales, since these ads are placed in front of users, in the zone of first visibility.

Recommendation! If you need adjustment and maintenance of contextual advertising, be especially careful in selecting an agency, if you don’t want to waste your budget. Only with a team of certified professionals you can achieve results. Try asking if potential partners have experience in conducting advertising campaigns in Your business area and what results they were able to achieve, before ordering and paying for services.

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Contextual advertising: Google Adwords or Yandex Direct?

Today in RuNet, the percentage of users who prefer the Google search engine is much higher than the percentage of users who choose Yandex.As a percentage: 70% of people choose all the same Google, and only 30% – Yandex. Perhaps such results are related with the ban of Russian-language sites on the Ukraine territory. And that’s why a huge part of people immediately began to “google”. Thus, if you are interested in promoting your business directly on Google, then you should give preference to the Adwords tool. If the goal is to enter the Russian market, then it is better to submit advertising using Yandex Direct.

What tasks can be solved by means of a context?

  1. Conversion of the user into a buyer;
  2. Advertising of a website on the Internet and increase of recognition of the company through constant presence on the first places in delivery;
  3. Increase in repeat sales (setting up remarketing);
  4. Instant information about discounts and promotions;
  5. Increase conversion.

Other words, if you have your own website, it is extremely irrational don’t use professional website promotion in search engines. You know, people are already actively shopping online. And every next year we will observe how the number of online buyers increases. But in the near future we will notice an even greater flow towards the Internet. This is largely owing to the trend – mobile. Therefore, be sure to adapt the sites for different devices.

In conclusion, I would like to note that PPC (contextual advertising) give you an opportunity to improve efficiency and track the resualts. To do this, you need to install Google Analytics on the site and don’t forget to check the settings of conversions and tracking of phone calls (if there is a call tracking).

Our company also provides the following services in in the sphere of internet-marketing: creation of a web site, promotion of a web site, promotion in the social network.

If you are looking for a good team of experts in contextual advertising services, if you are focused on the result and want to be the first in your niche, we will be happy to help you in this! Contact us!

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