Tour operators are companies, which are majoring in providing tourism services, begins from the ticket booking and finishes with arranging about the place tourist will stay.

Often the tour operator is just depositary of customers for firms, which provide transport services or hotel organizations. Because they are encapsulating many transport operators, hotels, preparation and legalization of departure documentation.

Database of tour operatorTour operator sends abroad from 100 to 120 people per month on a par. The cost of tour is about 700$, so average working income is from 50 000$ to 100 000$. As soon as you get a database of contacts of travel agencies, you can be alert to market and know what and how your competitors are. You can also offer your own services. At least you can choose the tour you like. Having such list of customers is useful for this type of hotels. Because the influence of specialist of the travel agency is at the forefront of customer’s choice between hotels.

Distribution the request about existing database of potential followers will be useful for supply for many organizations, which provides the holiday packages for staff. It may keep costs of the organization down greatly.