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In the current energetically developing world, we more and more often come across incomprehensible terms for us. Especially, it is connecting with various trainings and consultation. Most of us heard such a fashionable word – coaching. Translated from English it means training. Coaching is incredibly popular abroad and recently has come to be known with us.

Coach – is a personal mentor, who teaches, helps to understand many situations, develop and become familiar with new experience. This method is very useful as for the professional sphere, and for private life.

Most of corporations are using trainings for managers for developing company, find correct and effective decisions, and, also, to harness the potential of their wards. Every manager wants that his staff sought to be motivated and develop themselves. So, corporate sales training at the height of popularity. Business Coaching provides the opportunity to use resources absolutely every employee for the benefit of companies or corporations. Corporate sales consultations are slowing the rate of staff turnover and maximize the impact of work that respectively brings more profit.

The peculiarity of coaching is that it can be called a partnership between coach and client. It is including different approaches to addressing questions (such as psychological, systemic). It does not imply any specific rules the point is in simple conversations in which the client finds the replies to the questions raised by himself.

Coaching for managers can be divided by duration into four levels:

«School» — the duration of the course from one to three days. Basic familiarising with basic concepts of sales

«College» — the duration of the course from three to five days.

«University» — the duration of the course is ten days.

«Academy» — individual plan for everyone.

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What does the manager get after passing special training?

— First of all, it is getting a certified diploma, which will open great prospects for the future.

— Chance after a learned theory to try yourself in practice.

— The possibility to hone your skills in critical situations.

— Increased capacity to deal with life problems and the ability to understand the priorities of goals.

— Increase in the effectiveness of the manager / staff.

— Increases efficiency, increases sales.

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