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Powerful and consultative instrument for each organization. Solutions to various communication channels connected with distributing the goods, formation and successful development of the client base, involve issues relating to promotional companies, telephone link organization on a round-the-clock basis

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For every scope of work, it is extremely important to build right relationships with clients. In the service industry, on market or in the business of consulting – the communication by telephone takes up a lot of time and moral forces from experts. Stream of data is growing in a geometric rate, and the client has to be sure of the relevance of choice made. There is a need to start a call center for correct organization work with clients. Prior to the creation the call center «under key», it is need to understand which functions this structure will carry out and is it worth hurrying with it creation? It depends on for what this contact center is need and it’s expediency in your company. Call center – it is powerful and consultative instrument for every organization. Quality digital telephony aims to successfully address with incoming call flow. So contact center – it is convenient software mechanism in the implementation business processes for users.
Without modern contact center, many stretchers are lost effective performance indicators due to impossibility of fast services. Generally, this can be attributed to such factors as:

  • Number of lost calls
  • A long wait for a response
  • Lost contact with communication facilities such as SMS contacts, web-chat, social networks and others.

And just competent integration with information systems will allow to achieve the desired results.

Еhe advantages of creating contact centers on a turn-key basis:

    • Opens the possibility of supporting and having operators in any quantity.
    • Quality 100% service for all incoming calls.
    • Integration of customers with ready-made systems.
    • We develop additional opportunities, if necessary.

We propose the most necessary functionality:

1. Making business plan depending on sort of your company

2. Call center integration into your business

3. Recruitment of qualified staff

4. Training and support of call-managers at the initial stage

5. Auditing the work of your call center

With you will work:

1. Qualified staff

2. Business coach

3. A professional psychologist

  This is the co-ordinated and effective staff of professionals are working in our call-center. The average increase in sales is 10%, the maximum growth with competent work with the target audience reaches  37% of the average level of the last year of work with the existing staff of employees when the contract was concluded. If you trusting communication with professionals, you will increase efficiency of company’s specialized experts work and increase customer loyalty and its steady growth.

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Outsourcing call center or own?

 At a certain stage of the company’s development the process of communication with customers takes more and more resources. Then, the owners face a dilemma:

  • create a separate unit, which will be work with customers, providing consultations, attracting to the service or selling the company’s finished products;
  • hold monitoring of the markets, communicate with partners and pick up contact center services, the cost of which corresponds to the quality of its work and does not shock the number of digits to the decimal point.

In a first alternative, it is necessary to estimate how much the contact center costs, turnkey system can be selected in the market at a reasonable price.
Costs in material terms consist of:

  • acquisition / lease / construction of premises, in which there should be created acceptable conditions for hard work of several dozen employees. The recommended area for each employee is about 20 square meters;
  • furniture for call center telemarketing is standard, it’s made to precise individual order to provide convenience in communication and minimum physical costs during the working day;
  • acceptable in quality equipment and software prices. Quality of communication and processing speed, received by operators, depends from it;
  • the main thing – properly selected staff, who have to continuing to learn and improve communication skills, sales and their knowledge in different fields.

Certainly, over time, such a unit can be used to earn extra money, taking orders from the business partners or just taking them off the market. It will be probably later, but today… The most effective variant of find solution of the issue of quality work with clients is the attraction of a third-party call center for outsourcing.